Monday, November 24

Think hard of him..

Cik Hani | 13:57 | 0Comments |
I was thinking what if he will go far away from me ? 
What if he wont come back ? What if and what if ! 
Then I just start to be more rational, 
I asked myself, “so what if he does ? why you are so worried?”. 
Yes, I should pray the best for him, 
whatever he’s going to take in future, just pray for him...

Yeah.. I love him so much...
i'm sorry.. 

i'll let you go...
i'll remember you..
and always loving you untill the end..
thanks a lot for a 1 year more we will together..
i'm happy with you..
i love you so much, abang...

hope you're happy and success in your future...

lots of love,
cik hani

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