Wednesday, October 22

Compiled reminders

Cik Hani | 10:48 | 2Comments |
1. There are demons who are created by the people around you. There are demons that you alone create. Know the difference because the ones by other people are easier to ward off as they are not yet inside you. And the ones you alone create, you only can fight.

2. Look in the mirror. Hard. Look at your asymmetrical eyebrows and flat nose. Take note that tomorrow, they are still the same way but the way you look at them can change everyday. Choose to look at them beautifully. It won’t hurt.

3. The people who hates you will still hate you in the morning. They can do so all they want but you’re not giving up. The people who loves you, I cannot promise they still do when you wake up. Let’s just hope so because that’s all we can do.

4. You’ve made mistakes today. Don’t be afraid to make new ones tomorrow but more so, remember to learn from them.

5. Thank yourself and congratulate yourself for surviving yet another day.

6. You are beautiful. The scars you have is the ultimate proof that not only nice things make someone captivating.

7. You have scars because you lived and loved. You are weak and brave at the same time. You are fragile yet strong.

8. There will never be an assurance that the sun will shine and slip out of the clouds. You may not see it but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. There is no promise that tomorrow will be better but not everyday is a bad hair day.

9. You will fall in love again. You don’t know when or with whom. You don’t know if it will be stronger than the last time. You don’t know if it won’t hurt just like before. Know that fear should never let you from trying again.

10. Much as someone will love you, there will also be a lot who will hate you. They won’t appreciate the scars you’ve healed, the tears you try to hide, and the screams you tried to suppress. Be you just the same. Feel just the same. You were never born to be their epitome of perfection and maturity.

11. There will be moments you will want to shut everyone out of your life. That’s okay. The people who truly love you will understand but a little sunlight won’t hurt.

12. Unfortunately, your insecurities are always lurking around. Ready to pounce on you anytime. Fighting back isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, you can also sit and talk it down like old friends do.


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