Sunday, May 18

Thank you & Sorry Abang :)

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Abang, Thank You. :D
Thank you sebab sayang sayang.
Thank you sebab terima sayang seadanya.
Thank you sebab sabar melayan karenah sayang.
Thank you sebab sudi dengar luahan hati sayang.
Thank you sebab selalu ada time sayang happy, marah or sedih.
Thank you sebab sudi & sabar dengar sayang BEBEL! 
Abang, Sorry!
Sorry sebab sayang ni kadang-kadang datang mood tak betul-betul.
Sorry sebab sayang pernah sakitkan hati or kecikkan hati abang.
Sorry sebab kadang-kadang tu sayang ada jugak menyusahkan abang.
Sorry sebab sayang ni banyak mulut sikit. Action pun melebih. Sorry ea.
Sorry sebab sayang selalu cubit abang. HAHA.
Lastlyyyy,,,, just want you love me, abang. 
I promise to love your smile and be in awe how amazing and smart you are. 
Promise to respect you and your parents :D
Dan sayang janji akan remind abang yang abang special bagi sayang. 
Dan sayang janji akan selalu ingatkan abang 
yang Allah is on your side and everything is going to be okayy. 
Ehhh,, lagi satuuu!! I PROMISE TO BE PROUD THAT YOU ARE MIND :) <3
Pleasee just get here abang, hope i meet you soon.. :)

Every time I say " How are you?"  my head says " I miss you".
Every time I say " Take care" my heart whispers " I love you"

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