Friday, May 23

Liebster Award Kali ke- 3!!

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Ya Allah... tak tau nak kata apa.. sumpah, rasa teruja sangat! sebab ini kali ke-3 orang tag hani untuk LIEBSTER AWARD ! terima kasih banyak banyak pada rakan blog hani, Syuhaidah . kerana sudi tag hani untuk segmen ini. hargai sangat sangat dear :D

Okayy, seperti yang sama, sewaktu segmen yang sama, hani ada terangkan tentang LIEBSTER AWARD ni.. pada yang baru tahu tentang segmen ni, boleh klik pada link diatas ini:)

Ini jawapan hani pada rakan blog hani , syuhaidah;

1. What is your name?
- my name is nor hanifah zainal abidin.  but my friends call me; hani, han, eifa, effa, and fafau :)

2. How do you think about my blog?. Okay or not?
- your blog is nice blog. like the background colour. and cool. for me, so far, okay. tak ada masalah.  :)

3. What is your aim for your life?
- my aim in live is to have a peaceful family and secure family.

4. I'm cardiophobia. How about you? Find your answer here.
- If you cardiophobia, but for me, i'm Arithmophobia. :)

5. If someone hate you, what will you do?
- Ignore that woman. :D

6.  What was your first big disappointment ?  Sharing is caring ^^
things that most frustrates me, when I'm not given the opportunity to work, because I still don't have a job.

7. Do you love yourself? Reason?
- Yes. because i' so cute. hahaha. because I like myself. because, I appreciate what I have. and because Allah created me to be a good person.

8. You have a truly friend. One day, your bff find a new friend and become close the new one and she/he leave you. How do you feel? Do you ever feel this situation?
- Yes.. but I try my best to live without her friendship.

9. How's your life? Everything is okay? Sharing is caring :)
- my life is a bit complicated.. but I can still maintain.. hehe..

10. Do you have crush? Reason?
-never.. hehe.. no reason for that question :)

11. If you have one wish. What will you have wish for?
Yess, I have. I hope I am given the chance for a happy family and a successful person in life.


  1. I'm just so glad that you answers all my questions. Well, I know i'm kinda late of replying this. Whatever problem that you faces everyday, be strong :D I will be your shoulder if you need me XD