Sunday, August 11

::sOmE tHiNgs::

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Some things LOVE ISN'T
- Chasing after someone who doesn't really want u
- Letting urself be smothered, hurt or put down
- Trying to modul urself into something you think u should be
- Always going along with what ur partner wants
- Bouncing continually between highs and lows, excitement and tears
- Presenting only the 'acceptable' part of urself to someone
- Drama, gossip, presence or flattery
- Staying with someone to avoid being alone
- Shunning real closeness and intimacy
- Trying to fix someone or have them fix u.

Some things LOVE IS
- Letting ur partner know the real u, warts and all
- Taking the time and trouble to get to know him, warts and all
- Growing and learning together
- Respecting one another
- Developing trust between u
- Staying committed even when u want to run away
- Liking ur partner
- Sharing fears, doubts, hopes and dreams
- Taking responsibility for urself
- Accepting what u dont like in ur partner as as what u do.

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