Friday, November 9

There's is a girl.....

Cik Hani | 11:06 | 0Comments |
"There is a girl strong and brave. She approaches the world with a big smile on her face. Little did you know what truly lies beneath? The hurt and confusion she has yet to beat. She once loved. Loved with all her heart. Only to never tell what lies deep within her heart. So she chose to be a friend. The best that she could be. But underneath it all she was screaming to be free. "I LOVE HIM!" her heart cried but the pain she endured. He never realized the pain he was causing her. As days, and weeks, then months and years the love only grew to make more tears. She struggled with her feelings. Scared to get hurt. So she cried herself to sleep hoping this would work. She dreamt about when they once were a we. Only to realize that they never could be. She remembered a time when they talked once then they talked again. But why each time they could not succeed? Was it him? Was it her? Maybe it was just destiny. Her mother always said he could be your future but for now set him free. So her advice she took. But the love she felt for him never ceased. Still she cries and still she dreams that one day he will be hers to keep..."

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